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The 8 Sided Doctoral Tam is an iconic and distinguished headwear traditionally worn by recipients of doctoral degrees during academic ceremonies. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this elegant cap features a unique octagonal shape that sets it apart from other academic regalia. The tam showcases the wearer’s scholarly achievements and signifies their attainment of the highest level of education. Its rich history and symbolic significance make the 8 Sided Doctoral Tam an esteemed accessory that both honors tradition and represents academic excellence.

Understanding the 8-Sided Doctoral Tam

The 8-sided doctoral tam is a traditional headgear worn by individuals who have achieved the highest academic degree, a doctorate. It serves as a symbol of intellectual achievement and is typically associated with academic ceremonies such as graduation or official academic events.

The tam is characterized by its unique shape and design. It consists of eight panels, each of which represents different academic disciplines. These panels are stitched together to form a circular shape, providing an elegant and distinguished appearance.

In addition to the eight panels, the tam features a button on top, known as a “gold bullion tassel.” The tassel hangs down from the button and adds a touch of regality to the overall look. The color of the tassel often varies depending on the academic field or the institution’s traditions.

When wearing the 8-sided doctoral tam, it is essential to position it correctly on the head. The tam should be worn level, with the front section aligned parallel to the ground. It is typically placed slightly tilted to one side for an aesthetic appeal.

It is worth noting that the tam is not to be confused with the mortarboard cap commonly worn at graduation ceremonies by bachelor’s and master’s degree recipients. The doctoral tam signifies the attainment of the highest level of academic excellence and represents the culmination of years of dedicated research and study.

Overall, the 8-sided doctoral tam holds significant symbolism in academia, representing the scholarly achievements of individuals who have earned their doctoral degrees. Its distinctive design and meticulous positioning make it an emblem of honor and distinction within the academic community.

Doctoral Tam with 8 Sides

A doctoral tam with 8 sides, also known as an octagonal tam, is a type of academic headwear traditionally worn by individuals who have earned a doctorate degree. It is a symbol of scholarly achievement and is often seen during graduation ceremonies, especially in certain academic disciplines.

The doctoral tam consists of a soft, velvet or silk cap that sits snugly on the wearer’s head. Unlike the familiar mortarboard cap, which has a square shape, the doctoral tam has a rounded crown. This crown is divided into eight distinct sections, resulting in its unique octagonal appearance.

The tam’s design is steeped in symbolism. Each side of the tam represents different areas of knowledge, such as arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences. The eight-sided shape serves as a visual representation of the breadth and depth of knowledge encompassed by those who hold a doctorate degree.

The tam is typically worn with a matching academic gown and hood, which further signify the individual’s academic achievements and field of study. It is customary for doctoral graduates to wear their tams during commencement ceremonies, academic processions, and other formal academic events.

Key Points:

  • A doctoral tam with 8 sides is an academic headwear worn by individuals with a doctorate degree.
  • It features a rounded crown divided into eight sections, representing various areas of knowledge.
  • The tam is made of velvet or silk and is worn alongside an academic gown and hood.
  • Its octagonal shape symbolizes the comprehensive expertise possessed by doctoral degree holders.
  • The tam is commonly seen at graduation ceremonies and formal academic events.

Eight-Sided Doctoral Tam: A Symbol of Academic Achievement

The eight-sided doctoral tam is a distinctive headgear worn by individuals who have successfully completed their doctoral studies. It holds a special significance in academia, representing the pinnacle of scholarly achievement and expertise in a particular field.

Traditionally made from black velvet or silk fabric, the tam features a distinctive octagonal shape that sets it apart from other academic caps. The design is rooted in centuries-old academic regalia traditions, with each side of the tam symbolizing different aspects of knowledge, virtue, and scholarly attainment.

The eight-sided doctoral tam is typically accompanied by a tassel attached to the crown. The tassel often bears a specific color or combination of colors that represents the graduate’s field of study or university affiliation. This allows for easy identification and recognition during graduation ceremonies and academic events.

Wearing the doctoral tam is a proud moment for scholars, signifying years of dedication, rigorous research, and intellectual growth. It serves as a visual testament to one’s expertise and accomplishments within the academic community.

In addition to its symbolic importance, the eight-sided doctoral tam also contributes to the overall grandeur and solemnity of academic ceremonies. Its unique shape and elegant appearance add a touch of tradition and reverence to commencement exercises, convocations, and other formal occasions in higher education.

Overall, the eight-sided doctoral tam embodies the essence of academic excellence and scholarly pursuit. It stands as a tangible symbol of the arduous journey taken by individuals to expand knowledge and contribute to their respective fields, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment among those who wear it.

8-Sided PhD Program

The 8-Sided PhD program is a unique and innovative approach to doctoral education that offers students a multidisciplinary learning experience. This program is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and expertise across eight different academic disciplines, allowing students to develop a well-rounded understanding of their field and its interconnectedness with other areas of study.

Through the 8-Sided PhD program, students have the opportunity to explore diverse subjects and perspectives, fostering a holistic approach to research and problem-solving. The program emphasizes collaboration and encourages students to bridge the gaps between traditionally separate disciplines, leading to the development of innovative solutions and approaches.

One of the key features of the 8-Sided PhD program is its comprehensive curriculum, which incorporates courses from each of the eight selected disciplines. This ensures that students gain a broad foundation of knowledge while also specializing in their chosen area of research. By engaging with experts from various fields, students are exposed to different methodologies, theories, and perspectives, enriching their intellectual growth.

  • The 8-Sided PhD program equips students with versatile skills that are highly valued in today’s complex and interconnected world.
  • Graduates of this program possess a deep understanding of multiple disciplines, enabling them to tackle complex problems from various angles.
  • The interdisciplinary nature of the program fosters creativity and innovation, as students learn to connect ideas across different fields.
  • Students often engage in collaborative research projects, benefiting from the collective expertise of their peers and mentors.
  • By completing the 8-Sided PhD program, graduates are well-prepared for careers in academia, research institutes, industry, and other sectors that require multidisciplinary expertise.

Doctoral Cap with Octagonal Shape

A doctoral cap, also known as a doctoral tam or academic tam, is a type of headgear traditionally worn by individuals who have earned a doctoral degree. It is designed to symbolize the highest level of academic achievement and expertise in a specific field of study.

One unique variation of the doctoral cap is the octagonal-shaped tam. Unlike the traditional round-shaped caps commonly associated with graduation ceremonies, the octagonal tam stands out with its distinctive shape.

The octagonal design of the cap is often seen as a symbol of excellence and distinction. Each of the eight sides represents different facets of knowledge, emphasizing the multidisciplinary nature of advanced research and scholarly pursuits.

The materials used for the construction of an octagonal doctoral cap are typically high-quality fabrics such as velvet or felt. The cap is usually black, which is a traditional color associated with academic regalia. However, some universities may have specific color variations or embellishments that represent their institutional identity or field of study.

When worn, the octagonal tam is positioned on the head, slightly tilted to one side, with the front corner aligning with the center of the forehead. It is customary for individuals who hold a doctoral degree to wear the tam during formal academic events, such as commencement ceremonies, convocations, or other ceremonial occasions.

Octagon Shaped Doctoral Tam

An octagon-shaped doctoral tam is a distinctive academic headwear typically worn by individuals who have earned a doctoral degree. It is a symbol of their scholarly achievement and expertise in their field of study.

The tam is traditionally made of black velvet or felt material and features eight distinct panels, representing the octagonal shape. Each panel is sewn together to form the overall structure of the tam.

One of the key components of the tam is the tassel, which is attached to the center of the tam’s crown. The color of the tassel often signifies the academic discipline or field of study in which the individual has obtained their doctorate.

Wearing an octagon-shaped doctoral tam is a customary practice during formal academic ceremonies, such as graduation or convocation. It adds a touch of elegance and distinction to the academic regalia worn by graduates, further emphasizing their accomplishments and status within the academic community.

Overall, the octagon-shaped doctoral tam serves as a visual representation of the dedication, knowledge, and expertise acquired by individuals who have successfully completed a doctoral program, making it a significant symbol in the realm of academia.

Eight-Sided Graduation Tam

The Eight-Sided Graduation Tam is a traditional headwear commonly worn during graduation ceremonies in academic institutions. Its unique design sets it apart from other caps or hats worn on such occasions.

The tam features eight distinct sides, each representing a different aspect of scholarly achievement and symbolizing the diverse knowledge acquired through education. The eight sides are often associated with the eight major fields of study: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, engineering, arts, business, and health sciences.

Typically made from high-quality materials such as velvet or silk, the Eight-Sided Graduation Tam adds an elegant touch to the graduation attire. It is usually accompanied by a tassel, which is worn on one side and moves from one side to another during the ceremony to signify the official conferral of degrees.

Wearing the Eight-Sided Graduation Tam is considered a prestigious tradition that reflects the academic accomplishments of the graduates. It showcases their dedication to learning and serves as a visual representation of their educational journey.

PhD Dissertation with 8 Sides

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Octagonal Doctoral Cap

The octagonal doctoral cap, also known as the “Tam,” is a distinctive headwear worn by individuals who have achieved the highest academic degree, the doctorate. It is an emblem of scholarly excellence and is commonly seen during graduation ceremonies, particularly in some European countries.

This unique cap features eight sides, symbolizing the integration of various academic disciplines and the pursuit of knowledge in all directions. Made from black velvet, it typically has a tassel attached to it, which can be customized to represent the field of study or the institution granting the doctorate.

Similar to other graduation caps, the octagonal doctoral cap is worn with a traditional academic gown. However, what sets it apart is the shape and the significance it carries. The octagonal design distinguishes doctoral graduates from those with lower academic degrees, such as bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

Throughout history, academic regalia has been used to signify educational achievements and honor scholars. The octagonal doctoral cap, with its distinct shape and symbolism, represents the culmination of years of rigorous study, research, and intellectual growth. It serves as a testament to the dedication and expertise of those who have attained the highest level of academic accomplishment.


Academic Tam with 8 Sides


The academic tam, also known as a graduation cap or mortarboard, is a traditional headpiece worn during academic ceremonies. It typically consists of a flat square or circular board with a stiffened fabric covering and a tassel attached to the center. While the standard academic tam has four sides, there is also a variation known as an academic tam with eight sides.

The academic tam with eight sides is often considered more prestigious and is commonly worn by doctoral graduates or individuals receiving honorary degrees. Its design symbolizes the scholarly achievements and expertise of the wearer. Each of the eight sides represents a different field of knowledge, reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of academia.

When wearing an academic tam with eight sides, it is essential to position it correctly on the head. The front point of the tam should align with the center of the forehead, and it should sit comfortably and securely atop the head. The tassel, usually made of silk, is traditionally worn on the right side of the tam before the degree is conferred. However, after the degree is awarded, the tassel is moved to the left side as a symbol of accomplishment.

The academic tam, whether with four or eight sides, is an iconic symbol of academic achievement and scholarly pursuits. It adds a sense of tradition and elegance to commencement ceremonies, symbolizing the culmination of years of hard work and dedication in the pursuit of knowledge.

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