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Texas A&M University’s doctoral regalia represents the esteemed academic achievements and accomplishments of its doctoral degree recipients. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the regalia embodies tradition, excellence, and the scholarly pursuit of knowledge. Comprising a distinctive cap, gown, and hood in vibrant maroon and white hues, the Texas A&M doctoral regalia serves as a symbol of the rich heritage and rigorous academic rigor associated with one’s advanced education at this prestigious institution. Draped in this ceremonial attire, graduates proudly signify their expertise and dedication to intellectual advancement as they embark on their future endeavors within academia and beyond.

Texas A&M Doctoral Regalia

Texas A&M University, a prominent institution located in College Station, Texas, follows certain traditions and protocols when it comes to doctoral regalia. The regalia worn by doctoral graduates during commencement ceremonies holds symbolic significance and represents the academic achievements of the individuals.

In accordance with customary academic attire, the doctoral regalia at Texas A&M consists of three key components:

  • Gown: The gown is typically black in color and features long, flowing sleeves. It is made of high-quality fabric and is designed to reflect the prestige and dignity associated with earning a doctoral degree.
  • Hood: The hood worn by Texas A&M doctoral graduates is a distinctive part of their regalia. The colors of the hood represent the graduate’s field of study, with the university’s official maroon accentuating the velvet trim.
  • Tam: Completing the regalia is the tam, a velvet cap adorned with a gold tassel. The tam reflects the traditional headwear worn by scholars and is an integral part of the overall regalia ensemble.

It is important to note that the specific design and details of the Texas A&M doctoral regalia conform to the guidelines established by the American Council on Education (ACE) and the Intercollegiate Bureau of Academic Costume (IBAC). These organizations ensure consistency and uniformity in academic regalia across universities.

Wearing the appropriate regalia enhances the sense of tradition and accomplishment during commencement ceremonies at Texas A&M University, serving as a visible symbol of the academic journey completed by the doctoral graduates. It is a momentous occasion that celebrates their dedication, hard work, and scholarly achievements.

Texas A&M Graduation Regalia

Texas A&M University, located in College Station, Texas, follows a long-standing tradition of commencement ceremonies where students proudly wear their graduation regalia. The regalia consists of various elements that symbolize the academic achievements and milestones reached by the graduates.

The main component of the Texas A&M graduation regalia is the cap and gown. The gown is typically black and is worn over formal attire. It features wide sleeves and is open at the front, showcasing the graduate’s clothing underneath. The cap, known as a mortarboard, is typically black with a square-shaped top and a tassel attached to it.

The tassel on the cap holds special significance during the commencement ceremony. At the beginning of the event, the tassel is usually positioned on the right side of the cap. However, once the graduates have received their diplomas or degrees, there is a symbolic moment where they shift the tassel from the right side to the left. This act signifies the transition from being a student to becoming an alumna or alumnus of Texas A&M.

In addition to the cap and gown, graduates may choose to wear honor cords, stoles, or medallions to represent their academic achievements or affiliations. These additional accessories come in various colors, each carrying its own meaning. For example, honor cords are often awarded for high academic performance or participation in special programs, while stoles may denote membership in honor societies or other notable organizations.

It’s important for Texas A&M graduates to adhere to the guidelines provided by the university regarding the appropriate use of graduation regalia. These guidelines ensure consistency and uphold the solemnity of the commencement ceremony. It is also customary for graduates to wear formal attire and to present themselves in a dignified manner during this important milestone.

Overall, the graduation regalia at Texas A&M University serves as a symbol of accomplishment and pride for its graduates. It reflects the university’s rich traditions and the academic journey undertaken by each student. Wearing the regalia during the commencement ceremony creates a sense of unity among the graduates and marks the beginning of their new chapter as proud members of the Texas A&M alumni community.

Doctoral Graduation Attire at Texas A&M

When it comes to doctoral graduation attire at Texas A&M University, there are specific guidelines and traditions that graduates are expected to follow. These guidelines ensure a sense of formality and reflect the significance of achieving a doctorate degree.


Doctoral graduates at Texas A&M wear regalia consisting of a black gown made of high-quality fabric. The gowns are typically full-length and feature long, bell-shaped sleeves. The material used for the gowns is often durable and substantial, symbolizing the academic achievement of the graduates.


The hood is an essential component of the doctoral regalia and represents the field of study in which the graduate has earned their doctorate. At Texas A&M, the hoods are lined with maroon, the university’s official color, and trimmed with white, signifying purity of learning. The colors and patterns on the hood’s velvet border indicate the academic discipline of the degree.

Tam and Tassel:

Doctoral graduates traditionally wear a tam, a velvet cap with a flat, four-sided design, adorned with a tassel. At Texas A&M, the tam is usually black with a satin band in the university’s official maroon color. The tassel is worn on the left side of the tam and can be customized with specific colors representing the graduate’s academic field or school.

Additional Considerations:

  • It is customary for doctoral graduates to wear dark clothing, such as a suit or dress shirt and slacks, beneath the regalia.
  • Appropriate footwear, such as dress shoes, should be worn to maintain a polished appearance.
  • Accessories such as jewelry and headgear should be kept minimal, avoiding anything that may distract from the regalia.

By adhering to these guidelines, doctoral graduates at Texas A&M University demonstrate their respect for the academic traditions of the institution while celebrating their remarkable achievement in obtaining a doctorate degree.

Texas A&M Doctoral Gown

The Texas A&M doctoral gown holds significant importance in academic regalia as a symbol of achievement and scholarly distinction. It represents the highest level of educational attainment and is worn by graduates who have successfully completed their doctoral studies at Texas A&M University.

This prestigious garment is designed with meticulous attention to detail, adhering to traditional academic dress codes. The gown is typically made of high-quality black fabric, often a durable yet elegant material such as serge or worsted wool. It features long, fluted sleeves that signify the wearer’s doctoral degree.

Distinctive elements of the Texas A&M doctoral gown include velvet chevrons on the sleeves and an ornamental hood. These adornments are specific to the university and reflect its rich heritage and traditions. The velvet chevrons, usually in the university’s official maroon color, serve as a representation of scholarly accomplishment and exemplify the wearer’s affiliation with Texas A&M.

The hood, which is draped over the wearer’s shoulders, displays the university’s colors—maroon and white—and is lined with satin in the same hues. The lining of the hood further signifies the graduate’s field of study, with different colors representing various academic disciplines. The distinctive satin trim and velvet panels distinguish the Texas A&M doctoral hood from those of other institutions.

Wearing the Texas A&M doctoral gown during commencement ceremonies is a momentous occasion for graduates, as it symbolizes their dedication to scholarly pursuits and the culmination of years of rigorous academic work. It serves as a visual representation of their expertise and scholarly contributions within their respective fields.

Texas A&M Academic Dress

Academic dress at Texas A&M University follows a traditional and distinguished attire code that reflects the rich history and traditions of the institution. The dress code is observed during formal academic ceremonies, such as graduations, convocations, and other special events.

The academic dress consists of several key elements:

  • Gown: The gown is typically black and made of high-quality fabric. It varies in style depending on the level of degree being conferred.
  • Hood: The hood represents the field of study and displays the school colors. The satin lining indicates the university colors maroon and white.
  • Cap: The cap, commonly known as a mortarboard, is usually black and worn flat on the head. It often features a tassel that can be customized based on the degree received or the academic discipline.

The specific regalia details may vary depending on the degree level, such as bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees. Texas A&M graduates are proud to wear these academic garments as a symbol of their achievement and affiliation with the university.

It is important for students and faculty members to adhere to the prescribed dress code when participating in formal academic events. This practice adds an air of reverence and solemnity to the occasion, creating a sense of unity and tradition among the participants.

Texas A&M Graduation Hood

The Texas A&M graduation hood is an important symbol worn by graduates during commencement ceremonies at Texas A&M University. It is a distinctive part of the academic regalia and represents the graduate’s academic achievements and affiliation with the university.

The graduation hood is typically made of black fabric and lined with the official colors of Texas A&M, maroon and white. The length and shape of the hood signify the graduate’s degree level and field of study.

At Texas A&M, the different degrees are represented by various hood colors. For example, doctoral hoods are usually trimmed with gold and feature the university colors, while master’s hoods are solid black with colored linings representing the specific discipline or school.

The Texas A&M graduation hood is worn over the gown and draped around the neck and shoulders. It is secured in place with a button or loop attachment to ensure it stays in position during the ceremony.

During the graduation ceremony, the hood is presented to the graduate as a symbolic gesture, acknowledging their hard work and successful completion of their academic program. It serves as a visual representation of the graduate’s dedication and commitment to their chosen field of study.

Texas A&M Doctoral Cap

The Texas A&M doctoral cap is a significant symbol of achievement and distinction for graduates of the Texas A&M University’s doctoral programs. It represents the culmination of years of rigorous academic study and research.

Designed to distinguish doctoral graduates, the Texas A&M doctoral cap features unique elements that set it apart from other academic caps. The cap is typically black and made of high-quality materials, with a distinctive tam-style design. It is adorned with a tassel and a gold metallic bullion tassel cord that represents the graduate’s field of study or discipline.

At Texas A&M University, the tradition of wearing the doctoral cap during commencement ceremonies is deeply rooted. The cap serves as a visible testament to the scholarly accomplishments and expertise of the graduates. It also signifies the transition from student to scholar and marks the beginning of a new chapter in their academic and professional lives.

During commencement, Texas A&M doctoral graduates proudly wear their caps along with traditional academic regalia, which includes a gown and hood representing their specific degree and field of study. This prestigious attire reflects the rich history and traditions of academia.

The Texas A&M doctoral cap is a symbol of excellence, intellectual pursuit, and scholarly dedication. It embodies the values and aspirations of the university’s doctoral community and serves as an inspiration for future generations of scholars.

Texas A&M Doctoral Regalia Purchase

Texas A&M University offers a comprehensive range of doctoral regalia for its graduating students. The regalia, which includes the academic gown, hood, and cap, holds great significance and tradition in the academic community. It symbolizes the achievement of attaining a doctoral degree and is worn with pride during commencement ceremonies.

The doctoral regalia can be purchased through designated channels at Texas A&M University. Students have the option to buy or rent the regalia, depending on their preference and budget. The regalia packages typically include the gown, hood, and cap, ensuring that graduates are appropriately attired for the ceremony.

When purchasing the doctoral regalia, it is essential to consider the correct color, style, and size. Texas A&M University follows specific guidelines regarding the regalia, which vary based on the academic discipline. The regalia colors represent the field of study, while the hood’s length and lining indicate the level of the degree earned. It is crucial for graduates to adhere to these guidelines to ensure uniformity and respect for the traditions associated with academic attire.

Graduates are typically required to wear the doctoral regalia during the commencement ceremony. This formal attire not only signifies the individual’s accomplishment but also creates a sense of unity and celebration among all graduates. It is a significant moment in a student’s academic journey and a time to commemorate their dedication and hard work.

Where to Buy Texas A&M Doctoral Regalia

Texas A&M University, renowned for its academic excellence, has a distinctive tradition of wearing regalia during commencement ceremonies. Doctoral regalia, symbolizing academic achievement, includes a gown, hood, and cap. If you are wondering where to buy Texas A&M doctoral regalia, here are a few options:

  1. University Bookstore: The Texas A&M University Bookstore is a reliable source for purchasing official doctoral regalia. Located on campus, the bookstore offers a wide selection of regalia options, ensuring authenticity and quality.
  2. Online Retailers: Numerous online retailers specialize in academic regalia. Websites such as GraduationMall, Jostens, and Herff Jones provide a convenient platform to order Texas A&M doctoral regalia. Ensure that the retailer offers official university-approved regalia.
  3. Rental Services: If you prefer to rent regalia instead of purchasing it, some rental services cater specifically to academic regalia needs. Check with local rental companies or search online for rental services that offer Texas A&M doctoral regalia.
  4. Alumni Networks: Engaging with Texas A&M alumni networks can be beneficial in acquiring doctoral regalia. Alumni associations often organize events or maintain resources where you can find recommendations or connections to purchase regalia from trusted sources.

Remember, when purchasing Texas A&M doctoral regalia, it’s essential to ensure that the regalia meets the university’s specific requirements. Pay attention to details such as colors, materials, and the official Texas A&M logo to obtain authentic regalia that reflects your remarkable achievement.

Texas A&M Commencement Attire

When it comes to Texas A&M University’s commencement ceremonies, proper attire is an essential aspect for graduates. The university follows a set of guidelines to ensure a dignified and professional appearance during the commencement proceedings.

For men, the recommended attire consists of a dark suit or slacks, a conservative dress shirt, and a tie. It is important to avoid casual clothing such as jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers. Additionally, men should wear dress shoes that complement their overall outfit.

Women are encouraged to wear a conservative dress, skirt, or pantsuit in a modest style and color. It is advisable to avoid excessively revealing or casual clothing. Dress shoes that are comfortable and appropriate for the occasion should be chosen.

During the commencement ceremony, graduates typically wear the traditional academic regalia, including a cap, gown, and hood. The specific regalia requirements may vary depending on the degree being conferred and the academic discipline.

It is important for graduates to remember that commencement is a formal event, representing the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. Adhering to the prescribed attire guidelines not only demonstrates respect for the occasion but also ensures a cohesive and unified appearance among the graduating class.

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